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Functionalities eVisualPayroll
(Payroll only)
(Time and Attendance only)
& VisualLeave
& VisualTnA
(Time and Attendance)
VisualHR -
Strategic HR System(Enterprise)
Employee Finder
Create new employee
Employer Picture
Employee Summary Information
Employee Personal Information
Employee Contact Information
Confirmation Tracking          
Next of Kin          
Emergency Contact Address          
Employee Review data (Lite)    
Dependant Relatives    
Professional Membership Record          
Background Check          
Medical Information          
Accident History          
Employee Training data (Lite)    
Employee Status Management    
Employee Benefit Update    
Employee Career History  Management   
Employee Out of Office assignment Tracking          
Employee Task Follow-up Notes    
Employee Document archiving          
Employee Focus Access Pay History    
Employee Property Assignment  Tracking          
Educational qualification Records          
Employee Bank with bank routing nr      
Pay and Benefit Manager    
Loan Manager    
Employee Pay Information    
Performance Appraisal          
Leave Policy Manager      
Leave Summary      
Leave Roster/Schedule      
Import/ Export leave data      
Take leave      
Leave Adjustment      
Monetize Leave      
Pension Manager      
Pension History    
Planned Training Course          
Training Manager          
Tax Relief Manager    
Benefit in Kind Tracking    
Tax Defaults    
Employee Tax    
Tax Relief Script    
National Housing Fund Tracking    
Employee Number Mask    
Company electronic file cabinet          
Cost Centre tracking    
Key Performance Area (KPA)          
Critical Success Elements          
Performance Measurement methods          
Absence Tracking and Management     
Salary Bands    
Grade Level Management    
Script Based Formula for Payitems creation    
Role base security  
User centric Custom reporter designer  
Excel based Report Writer    
HR Budget Manager          
Multiple tax Calculation methods    
Global Import Export          
HR Alert Manager          
Global Customisation module          
Alert query Manager          
Payroll Bank report Manager    
Payroll Processing    
Pay detail reports    
Enhanced Error Handler *    
Color top down payslip *  
Time and Attendance with Biometrics    
Visual Employee SelfService (Optional)          

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