Asked Questions

CloudVisualPayroll a Cloud-hosted Payroll software enables you to prepare your monthly salary accurately and timely. It also helps you to calculate tax and other government statutory deductions like Pension, with reports etc.


The Client does not need an IT support team, as we maintain all servers and applications.

Yes, it does. You need a moderately stable internet service provider. It requires internet access; broadband connection preferred; Connections as low as 500-Kbps or higher can be used to process payroll. Our software is 100% native of the cloud. Very fast. 

Yes, your data is very safe.

   We operate out of one of the largest data centres in Atlanta and currently rely on an SSAE/16 Type II certified data centre (upgraded from SAS 70 Type II). Our failover strategy offers additional protection for client data. We are always there for you.


Redundant tier 1 Internet access providers

BGP/4 support

Conditioned power UPS systems

Generator backup

N+1 HVAC systems

99.999% uptime available


Two factors authentication

Biometric authentication

24x7 surveillance systems

Escorted access for all visitors

24x7x365 network and security monitoring

SSAE/16 Type II certified (upgraded from SAS 70 Type II)

We have been providing Payroll and HR software and related services since 1996. Arguably, we are one of the top two payroll and HR software solution and service providers in Nigeria! Our legacy system was the legendary windows based - VisualPayroll which was retired in 2006, paving the way for our eVisualPayroll.

eVisualPayroll is a complete rewrite of the payroll and HR software to take advantage of the cloud. Because of the relatively poor internet facilities in the country up until last couple of years, we limited the usage and deployment of our solution to the intranet environments and servers, with hundreds of high profile clients nationwide.

It is the same system we have now deployed and implemented on the cloud - CloudVisualPayroll, as a subscription based - (pay-as-you go service), given that we are now sure that internet services has improved in the country and that one can reasonable rely on some service providers for cheap connectivity without having to break the bank for basic internet access.

So we have generations of payroll and HR solutions for small and Enterprise environments .

For example, we have several clients that have been using our solutions for more than 10-years.To mention a few - CAC, Weatherford, PW Constructions, Petroleum Training Institute, Protea Hotel Group Nationwide, etc etc.

We believe and are convinced that our Cloud clients will benefit from our huge experiences providing Payroll and HR support over the past 18-years.

Our software has great depth and maturity in terms of functionalities and benefits. Behind the products are Chartered Accountants – for Payroll, HR specialist for HR and great Software architects and specialists! You cannot go wrong if you decide to go with us!

CloudVisualPayroll generates a bank direct payment file (csv/excel fle) for every payroll run, for all banks in Nigeria. However, CloudVisualPayroll will not automatically debit the Bank accounts of employees for the monthly payroll run. Client must submit the Direct bank debit file to their bank using Online Banking platform for employees’ payroll account to be debited.

The beauty there is that the file generated for you is exactly what you need to upload to your bank for payment. Human errors are completely ruled out. The system uses all the information you have setup for each employee in Cloud VisualPayroll – such as employee bank/ number, amount processed for the employee for the month, etc.

CloudVisualPayroll Implementation time largely depends on the number of employees.

Below is the estimated number of implementation days with the corresponding number of employees:


   Number of Employees


 1         -      50 Employees


 51       -      100 Employees


 101     -      150 Employees


 200     -      300 Employees


 301     -      400 Employees


 401     -      500 Employees


 501     -      800 Employees


 801     -      1200 Employees


1201    -      1500 Employees


1501   -      2000 Employees


2001   -      2500 Employees


2501   -      5000 Employees


5001   -      10000 Employees may take slightly longer period

Note that the time estimate here is for Managed services – where the client uses our services to do data migration and setup, or the services of our Payroll Consultant and Partners to quickly implement the system.

It might be slightly longer, if the client decides to do it themselves. That is, the client doing the data migration, setup and etc. This is easy to do because we have detailed procedures and resources to help you do implementations yourself. You have questions - email us, chat with us or use our Forum to reach us for assistance. 

Yes. CloudVisualPayroll has a multi-company support allowing you to define and process payroll for unlimited number of companies using a subscription account subject to the number of employes you subscribe for. You can create as many subscription types for as many companies.

This functionality is particularly suitable for Group of companies that desire to prepare payroll for each company separately yet, have access to all the companies from one gateway.

Our Business Partners, Payroll Consultants and Accounting firms who desire to use our rugged platform to provides payroll services to their clients to earn new stream of income by offering training, implementation and managed payroll services to their client.

Yes. You can import data from Excel file and export data to Excel file Plus. You can import Timesheets etc

Yes. CloudVisualPayroll handles overtime computations irrespective of the complexity using simply formula based method

There is no limit on the number of employees that you can process per payroll run; restriction or limit of number of employees is based on your subscribed package.

We do currently have clients with more than 6,000 employees and multi-location. Our cloud facility can support well up to 50,000 employees per individual client! CloudVisualPayroll is a tested Enterprise Payroll management solution.

Yes. Using the export capability of CloudVisualPayroll, you have an option to maintain your own back-up files. That is, Export your payroll run and other reports in .pdf or excel format and readily save them on your computer.

You can also do two FREE systems based backups to our server . This will enable you to recover from wrong payroll processing and to reprocess again.

Migrating small or Large payroll accounts to CloudVisualPayroll is easy, depending on what system you are currently using:

From manual paper and pen current system to CloudVisualPayroll - You need to download all Excel templates from CloudVisualPayroll to setup your Payroll and employee basic and payroll information.

From semi-automated system to CloudVisualPayroll - If you have an existing sytem on say spreadsheet or some other less efficientor old payroll sotware you need to download our Excel templates. It may be easier for you since most of your data is already in an electronic format. Plus we would provide you guidance all the way! We want you to succeed so that we can succeed.