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VisualHR and eVisualPayroll Business Partner(BP) Programme

We operate a Business Partner program for organizations, such as consulting firms, who which to introduce and implement eVisualPayroll and VisualHR for their clients Many Companies and HR Consultants are already taking advantage of selling eVisualPayroll and VisualHR to their clients. This gives them a competitive advantage, gives them a tool for measuring the success of various programs and initiatives that they or others have created and gives them a foothold in the client forever. Plus, eVisualPayroll and VisualHR can give your clients an advantage while making you look good and providing additional and future revenue streams for you.

Benefits include:

  • New Business line that is sure to bring additional income to the bottom-line
  • Presales support until you find your feet
  • Product support to your business
  • Immediate commission payments
  • Direct product support to your customers
  • Use of the Logo VisualPayroll or VisualHR or put your logo on eVisualPayroll and VisualHR software brochures!
  • Personal BP and reseller login area
  • Influence product development - use your skills and experience to improve the product.

Come and join the team! We would love to hear from you and show the product to you. Join the growing BP and reseller team of HR specialists, payroll specialist, accountants, and other professionals who are referring VisualHR and eVisualPayroll to their clients.

Why is selling eVisualHR and VisualPayroll good for your business?

  • Use VisualHR and eVisualPayroll as a 'foot in the door' to clients you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach;
  • Use VisualHR and eVisualPayroll to strengthen relationships with existing clients!

HR Software - the right choice for small to large businesses?

The world has changed. HR software is no longer the preserve of big business. Why not delight your clients by making their HR admin and payroll preparation easy. Use our VisualHR and eVisualPayroll to add value to your own business

Why not:

  • Offer to do additional consulting before implementing the solution – eg performance appraisal consulting or change management etc
  • Offer to administrate the system for your clients?
  • Offer VisualHR and eVisualPayroll training?
  • Offer first level support for VisualHR and eVisualPayroll

Business Partner Levels

There are three eVisualPayroll and VisualHR BP Levels available:

Bronze - Business Partner

You provide us with qualified new leads; we do the online or live system presentations, manage the sale, and provide the client with after-sales support. You receive commission on the full sales value. Apart from providing the initial qualified lead, you do not have to do anything else. We help you gain an advantage and a foothold with your new or existing clients. No certification required.

Silver - Business Partner

You gain full training and knowledge to be a Reseller and BP of eVisualPayroll and VisualHR including at least one certified VisualHR and eVisualPayroll consultant. We provide you with a eVisualPayroll and VisualHR license for you to use in-house and for demonstration purposes . We provide you with in-depth training and support. You demonstrate the system to prospective clients, manage the sales cycle and you are involved in the installation process with us or you do it alone. Together we provide the client with after-sales support. We assist you as necessary in all areas and provide the regular software updates to your clients. As with Bronze level, this gives you initial and ongoing revenue plus a full liaison with the clients for additional eVisualPayroll and VisualHR component sales, upgrades and for other projects.

Gold - Business Partner

Gold Business Partner is a big step up in the VisualHR and VisualPayroll BP Program. You are fully responsible for the entire sales and support process for your customers. You invoice your clients directly and we invoice you and you pay us before collecting the software for the client. We are only in the background as you build your own VisualHR business in your area. You Must have at least 2 certified VisualHR and VisualPayroll consultant on your staff least Use VisualHR and eVisualPayroll to add value to your own product line and provide a great service to your clients while increasing your fees!

Consultants certification

The VisualHR and eVisualPayroll Consultant certification programme enable us to ensure quality implementation and support service delivery to the client at all times A VisualHR and eVisualPayroll Certified Consultant has excellent knowledge of VisualHR and eVisualPayroll and can support their clients with any of their VisualHR and eVisualPayroll product requirements. The Consultants must take a one to three weeks training course at Multisoft Consulting office – depending on the number of modules to be certified on. They are committed to ongoing educational opportunities and use, support and understand the most current version of VisualHR and eVisualPayroll and have taken an exam to prove their product knowledge. The Certified Consultants also commit to attend the Visual Partnership consultants’ conference at least every second year and are required to take training on the new features in each new product release and write a brief exam on the same. eVisualPayroll and VisualHR BP contract available


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