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Cloud visual Payroll enables you to prepare salary and wages online anytime and anywhere

cloud payroll Port Harcourt, Nigeria
cloud payroll Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Explore Advanced Features for Streamlining Your Payroll Management

Discover the power of CloudVisualPayroll software! Designed specifically for Nigerian and Ghanaian businesses, our software is the perfect solution for managing complex payroll systems and tax computations, no matter the size of your organization or platform. With CloudVisualPayroll, you can enjoy the convenience of a cloud-based subscription software or an on-premise version to suit your needs

Get organised

Capture payroll payslips in the moment, all saved securely in the cloud. Skip manual processing and save hours of time. Our Cloud Payroll puts you in control aways.

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Get payroll tax right

Never fear your income taxes again. Become the master of submitting tax compliant report with ease. Nigeria Payroll tax is calculated correctly all the time, using the most current payroll tax laws.

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Get motivated

Your business processes understood. Share access with your staff with accurate data.

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To the hassle of managing

Taxes, Earnings, and Deductions

Our software offers unlimited management capabilities for all your payroll needs. Plus,

We make it easy to manage loans, process provisional payrolls and update payroll data in bulk. With grade-level payroll structures, overtime management, and powerful reporting tools, CloudVisualPayroll simplifies your payroll administration by saving you valuable time and resources

Don't wait - switch to CloudVisualPayroll today and experience the ultimate in payroll management software. Click here to schedule a free demo now. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who trust CloudVisualPayroll for their payroll needs!

ease of operations




250.00 (NGN) Per Employee / month
Process Payroll
Print PaySlip
Email PaySlip
Employee Data bulk update
Pension Deduction Management
Flexible tax setup and Management for Nigeria and Ghana
Forum Support (Ask question on our forum and receive support there)
Manage and display employee picture
Over-time calculation with formular
Formular based calculations
Absence deduction/management





350.00 (NGN) Per Employee Per month
Include all Professiomal feature, plus
PaySlip Customisation
General Payroll customisation tools
Client Centric Report generator
Leave Management

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Founded by HR specialist, Software Engineers, and Chartered Accountants, Multisoft and Noble Van Ness Consulting have enjoyed rapid market acceptance and brings a powerful set of experienced hands and capabilities to your service.

We have been invovled in HRMS consulting and software development since 1998

Exploring the Many Benefits of Payroll :
What's a Payroll or Salary Software and Why Use it?

Payroll is a tool that automates the process of calculating and managing employee salaries, bonuses, and deductions. It allows businesses to manage their payroll in a more efficient and accurate manner, thus saving them time and money. Payroll or salary software is especially useful for businesses with a large number of employees, as it reduces the chances of errors in manual calculations.

There are numerous benefits of using payroll software for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the most significant ones

Increased Efficiency

Payroll software automates many tasks that would otherwise be done manually. This reduces the chances of errors and saves time, allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks.

Cost Savings

By using Salary software, businesses can save money on hiring additional staff or outsourcing their payroll tasks.


Manual payroll calculations are prone to errors, which can result in overpayment or underpayment of employees. Salary software ensures accurate calculations, reducing the chances of errors.

Improved Record Keeping

Payroll software maintains detailed records of employee pay and benefits, simplifying record-keeping tasks.

Simplified Tax Filing

Payroll software simplifies tax filing by automating tax calculations and generating tax forms.

Improved Data Security

Payroll software ensures the security of sensitive payroll information, preventing data breaches.

Faster Processing

Payroll software enables faster processing of payroll tasks, reducing wait times for employees.

Customizable Reports

Payroll software allows businesses to generate customizable reports on payroll expenses and employee earnings.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Payroll software ensures timely and accurate payment of employee salaries, improving employee satisfaction.

Increased Productivity

Salary software enables businesses to streamline their payroll processes, increasing overall productivity.

Enhanced Decision Making

Salary software provides businesses with the data needed to make informed decisions regarding payroll and workforce management.


Payroll software can be easily scaled up or down as the business grows or shrinks.


Payroll software can be accessed from anywhere, enabling remote payroll processing and management.

Discover the Must-Have Features of Payroll Software for Optimal Performance!

When choosing payroll software for your business, several important features must be considered.
Here are some key features to look for:

Automated calculations:

A good Salary software should be able to automatically calculate payroll taxes, benefits, deductions, and other important payroll calculations accurately.


Your Salary software should be able to meet the unique needs of your business. It should be customizable to fit your specific payroll policies, pay rates, and benefits.

Compliance with regulations:

The software should be up-to-date with all state payroll regulations, including tax and labor laws.


It is important to choose Salary software that is secure, with strong encryption and data backup features to protect your company's sensitive information.

Reporting capabilities:

Your software should provide comprehensive reporting capabilities, including the ability to generate payroll reports, tax filings, and other important financial documents.

Integration with other systems:

If you use other business software, such as account systems, make sure the Salary software you choose can integrate with these systems.

Overall, the ideal payroll software should be user-friendly, flexible, accurate, and efficient, while meeting all of your business's specific payroll needs.

Payroll software is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps streamline payroll operations, reduce errors, and save time and money. When choosing Salary software, businesses should look for features such as automatic calculations, tax compliance, employee self-service, and integration with other HR tools. By using payroll software, businesses can improve their operations, stay compliant with tax laws and regulations, and save money.


How to Process Payroll

When using CloudVisualPayroll to process payroll, there are several steps you need to follow
These steps include entering data, processing payments, checking for correctness, and printing or emailing payslips and reports


Enter Data

Collect accurate employee data, including tax details and pay changes, for input into the payroll system as the first step


Process Pay

Process monthly pay for one or multiple employees by calculating gross pay, deductions, and net pay using CloudVisualPayroll


Check / Post

Verify processed pay data for accuracy, review employee pay information, check tax and benefit deductions, and post the data


Print/Email Payslips & Reports

You can now print or email payslips and reports, including tax and payroll summaries, as necessary

Payroll Services Provider: What They Are and Why You Need Them!

When it comes to running a business, one of the most critical aspects to manage is payroll. Payroll management is the process of tracking employee hours, calculating pay, and ensuring timely payment.
In today's fast-paced business world, managing payroll can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for small business owners. This is where payroll services and Management come in handy.